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This endeavour is an attempt to seek an unshakable love, to walk with all that comes our way and to engage in the complex and deep spirituality that invites us forward.

Honour the Mind: One begins the journey toward wholeness with a life-changing recognition of the power of one’s own choices. This is very likely the experience of Paul on the road. It is also possible the ‘born again’ revelation we read about. And just in case you might want to question the anthropomorphism in this claim, remember that there is always some degree of awareness which gives us the freedom to choose.

Live the Questions: Revisiting the questions to apply them to the present is about walking the Jesus Way. It is about increasing one’s awareness, increasing the measure of freedom so that one can live more fully.

Explore the adventure of Humanity: Enjoy an unshakable love, walk with confidence into the future and do it in divine intimacy.